10 de novembro de 2006

Surpresa a minha.

Tribes of the Blogosphere
Everyone is familiar with the A-list perspective of the blogosphere: there are a handful of key individuals who wield much of the influence in terms of discussion, opinion, links and traffic. But what about the rest of us? How do we fit in? By taking the graph of the blogosphere and looking for groups of blogs which have strong links between them, we can shake out some of the communities that are either embedded in the
core (the home of the A-listers) or which are loosely joined to, or completely separate from this central über-community.
Let's start with a classic: the knitting community. For some reason, this is held out almost as an iconic example of the blogosphere's niche appeal. Key blogs include The Blue Blog, Wendy Knits! and The Yarn Harlot.
Next (right) we have very strong Portuguese community centered on Blasfemias and Foguetabraze. It is interesting to note that Blogspot plays an important role in this community (the red nodes). In contrast to the first example, this appears to be a community with a linguistic theme rather than a topical one.

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